Active volcanoes / Aktive vulkaner:

Experiences from my surfing for Volcanoes

It all started with a news message on the excellent news pages of YAHOO!  /Reuters back in
June 1996. On the 18th they told me that a 'Volcano Puts on Spectacular Display', The Mount Ruapehu, NZ volcano. That was followed up two days later, as the volcano now caused chaos in its vicinity. Finally I have kept a report from July 8th saying that the volcano still 'spits fire, ash and boulders.' But that was all on YAHOO!s news-pages. I was going to learn more about Internet surfing.

29th of September 1996:

Bardarbunga/Vatnajokul Volcanoes in Iceland. This time I had to find out more. Why? First of all because my grandmother came from Iceland, so I have a kind of connection to that country, second - I have been there, and finally a special interest in this overall interesting globe we live on.

So, what happended next? I went surfing - searching. And there it was: Michigan University Volcano pages with report No 001 on Bardarbunga/Grimsvotn Volcanoes, Iceland. Soon after
I had 8 reports from that site.

Next I found The Volcano Show with a lot of pictures.

Now norwegian newspapers as Aftenposten, Oslo came on the line , and there I got a reference
to Iceland, from where I now could follow everything very closely. At this page they also have
a lot of very good pictures from the eruption. Pres from NORVOL, Iceland

Then followed the Madera Volcano, Nicaragua and Pavlof, ictuAlaska in October. In November Merapi Volcano in Indonesia had an eruption, and I learned quite a lot about hot winds, that
could travel hundreds of kilometers per hour, and burn up just everything in its way. (Mt.Helena, USA). In January I had a close look at Kilauea, Hawaii, and so in February 1997 I started following daily bulletins on The Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat,WI

Later on that month, I learned that the Kamchatka area in Far Eastern Russia was a place of
many active volcanoes, i.e. Kliuchevskoi Volcano, and from there it was not far to Okmok Volcano in Alaska, which since have bubbled quite a bit.

Then my most exciting experience so far on the Internet was in the beginning of March, when I looked into Geologylink Today and noticed the following message:'A volcanic eruption occured today on Trinidad Island in the Caribbean. Lava from the eruption covered about one square mile and destroyed 10 homes.'

Now I started hunting for this volcano, and as usual first looked into my favourite place
NODAK EDU in Alaska. No hit. So out searching (AltaVista etc) and guess what? No hits. Looked into a few other sites and found nothing. Sent a message to Alaska, he could not find
my source, and so said: 'Jimmy - I was surprised by your email, because Trinidad has no volcanoes!...I think the report was probably an error and when it was discovered to be a
mistake they removed it. Just a guess, but I doubt if there was an eruption..'

What an answer! No volcano, and ten families had to evacuate their homes! New searches. Looked into the University of West Indies, whom should have (and I still believe they have)
a seismic institute, but no luck. So I found the Internet Express in Trinidad. But even there they
did not seem to have realized that they had a volcano on the island. So what now?

E-mail them, of course. And so I did, and I got a quick reply from a nice lady like this:

The 'volcano' is acutally a mud volcano, and it was mud, not lava, that has forced families to evacuate. We have been running stories about it in the Internet Express since the eruption and
will continue to run updates. - Judy'

Then the snowball began rolling. Into their special pages The Piparo Volcano special, and then
a note to my friend in Alaska. Great thrill. There WAS a volcano on Trinidad, and there had
been an eruption. But not an ordinary volcano.... it was a MUD-VOLCANO. And what's that? Read the interesting article 'Anatomy of a Mud Volcano' at the Internet Express page.

Today the volcano is included in the list of the Alaskan review of world volcanoes Piparo at Nodak, and the Internet Express got their own Volcano Page Pointer on their home page!

Since that time, the volcanoes around have been quiet, and till something happen again, I am watching, and learning a lot of this wonderful and exciting planet.

October 2004:
Since then I have listed more than 200 different volcanoes, each has its own page
here on my site. And you bet I've learned a lot. But I am still learning.
Read more about that here
 I'm learning - that's why I'm also asking....
 2004, October: I am still learning....


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