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Lake Hornborga 2012

The first one arrived on March 16th, and by the 27th, they numbered 10.300
The next day they were 12.600. On the 29th: 14.800. Highest total number on one day to come.
On March 31st they hit 17.000, and on April they broke all earlier reports with 26.500!!
Since 2005 highest number was 18.500 in 2009.
On April 7th they arrived at our home here in Norway.....


Interesting to watch them drinking. They bow down to the water, try to lift their nibb up,
and finally when they have it lifted high enough, they swallow the water.

Of course there were many other birds, too.
Especially geese, both Grey- and Canada-geese.


Lake Hornborga 2005
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