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My favorite volcano in Guatemala. Perfectly shaped just like in volcanology books.
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Nov. 9, 96

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Agua, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes from Guatemala City. .
The volcanoes are not far from the capital city.!!
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April 25, 95 (right picture from © Matt Turley)

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Summit of Pacaya volcano. It has several explotions daily, at an average of one explosion each 5th to 15th minute.
First row: 11/13/93 Second: 05/25/95

Pacaya volcano, with Agua volcano on the rear.
Courtesy of Thierry Basset
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Night explosions at the top of Pacaya .
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Courtesy of Thierry Basset

Santa Maria
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Left: Santiaguito (lower part) and the Santa Maria

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Santiaguito lava dome. Nov 1993
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Right: Courtesy of Thierry Basset

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Photo: Bill Rose, 1986

Lake of Atitlan

The famous Lake of Atitlan is host to several volcanoes, including the Toliman and the San Pedro volcanoes
you see on the left picture, whereas you have only San Pedro on the right one. Nov 12, 1993..

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