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This also is Lake Hornborga  

No, it's not the flowering trees on this page.
Now we will look on whats flowering on the ground.

Aren't they nice? And those are only one of many flowers coming up at this time.

Wish I knew the names of all those flowers, but am studying my books, so more to come....

Along all the small streems which crosses the foot-paths along the lake you find plenty of these...

another unknown species

and what we in Norway call 'Goldstars'. Latin and english name to come...

Another one, called 'Gjøksyre' here, but don't try to pronounce it in english...
A better name to come soon....

This once also breaks your tongue: 'Kubjelle'.

'Mainøkler' are one of those we always are looking for to know that summer has come...
Free translation gives something like: 'Keys to the month of May'...

and the 'cream' of the springflowers, the 'Blåveis', the Blue Anemone in english. Do you remember having seen it?

The one that grows all over, see picture on top of this page, is the Wood Anemone.
And that winds up the gallery of flowers found on this tour.

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