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Go and look for your roots, it says,
but we will look for what is still alive around the lake

and this Grand
Old Oak is still alive.
On a foot-path on the western side there were a rich variety of trees:

Wish I knew the names of all those trees, too, but am studying my books, so more to come....

Not all of them goes stright up, some of them find funny ways to grow...

Not all of them have leaves yet, as this old ash-tree.
We use to say that if oak at spring time comes before ash , we get splash,
and if ash before oak, we won't get soak

Owing to the rise of water in the lake during the past 10 years, many trees are dying,
or have already died. Thus the old wetland comes back, and so the birdlife.
But don't let that be the last picture here....

There still a lot of living trees around the lake today.

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